How we ranked a single page on Google in less than 24 hours

By Rami ·

Ranking on Google is so Meta

I recently launched 6 new web pages with competitor comparison to make it easier for our potential customers to decide between us and our competitors and also to improve our SEO and rank higher in Google, especially when our competitors' keywords are used.

Within 24 hours 3 of the 6 pages were ranked on Google.

Using Auto Page Indexer to manually index the pages

In the screenshot below I manually requested Google to index all 6 of the new pages after I added them to my website's sitemap.xml. The index requests were sent immediately and the following morning I checked Google only to see 3 of the 6 pages were showing up in Google Search.

Auto Page Indexer Indexing itself

New pages showed up in Google

In Google search you can perform a simple query and this tells Google to only display results from the site value after the colon.

The results for the first ranked page are below:

Auto Page Indexer Google Search Result for new pages

Eating my own dogfood

As an honest Software Engineer and business professional I only build and sell products that benefit my customers and I prove it here by eating my own dogfood.

Check out the competitor comparison pages so that you purchase the product that best suits your needs.

Thank you,

Rami Rashid

Founder Go Ideal Software